The Birth and Death of the Day

The Journal Of Ballentyne:

 Day 5 with the "Cobalt Spear Brigade":  After much discussion of the issue our tiefling leader has realized my potential and skill and has given me the title "Chief Hexecutor".  I have already put in motions the creation of a badge and will be proudly wearing it in a few days. I can only assume that my suggestion of the title "Administrative Chief Hexecutor" will be considered effecient and my promotion in a few days thereafter.


Currently the party seems to be having problems sleeping.  From what I have seen we all dream the same dream.  The dreams seem to be focused on adventuring.  Wether it be in a dark cavern, or small underwater village the party is together and exploring, talking to a noble, or battling a dark foe.  From what I have experienced it is a "Lucid" dream, where one is in control of their actions.

I shall have to try and experiment and investigate further.  If these dreams are perhaps a small glimpse into the future I will need to verify.  Next time a dream such as the one describe above come I will investigate my physical appearance and inventory.  If it is a dream of the future there should be an object that is not in my inventory.


Anyways the dream we had showed me a few weaknesses in the party I am currently presiding in.   I may need to eliminate the weak They just need more experience.  We were adventuring in the old tiefling ruins and encountered a bumbling wizard of some sort.


The wizard remarked that the "Council" had sent us, and we were pawns for the "Council".  With nobody knowing what the fool was talking about we attacked.  The fight was hard, and to be fair at my currently level of skill, we were outmatched.  The fighter and ranger fell rather too quickly, with the warlord falling thereafter.  It was just me and Whino left and much to my shock she ran away.  I will have to Abandon her, loyalty must be kept Blackmail her, fear works just as well keep my eye on her, she doesn't appear to have the mettle it takes to adventure.


However, this confirms that the rest of the party is having the same dreams.  I believe more investigation is needed and agree with our leader that we need to go to an oracle.  Some have suggested that these dreams are of a past life, which I believe is a bunk theory We are Eternal.  Either these dreams are from a past life from my earlier predecssors, which I highly doubt, or someone is toying with us.


Either way by going to an oracle more of the mystery will be unvieled.  And that is exactly what I am going to propose we do.


NOTE:  The ranger and fighter have been eyeing me strangely.  And not eyeing me like they eye the tavern wenches.  I will have to try and destroy them find out more information later. 


Haha love the edits John. You knew what I was going after :P

The Journal Of Ballentyne:

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