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Flag: A spear thrust diagonally upwards on a black and blue checkered background 

Motto: Monstrum in facta, monstrum in animo 

What is the Cobalt Spear Brigade?

The Cobalt Spear Brigade is a military company that specializes in dealing with small-scale threats. Beasts hounding your villagers? Need an item or person of interest acquired/rescued? Small military targets eliminated? Don't risk your own troops; let the Cobalt Spear Brigade handle it! 

Why should I hire the Cobalt Spear Brigade?

Our team of experienced experts are affordable, discrete, and knowledgeable! Rest assured that on the slimmest chance that anything goes wrong (which it won't) there will be no chance that you will suffer any blowback! 

How do I get in contact with the Cobalt Spear Brigade?

Please leave your contact information with Lord Huxley at the Sunset Estate. You will be contacted soon afterwards by a representative of our company.

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