Corkus Ballentyne

The product of sacrifice and betrayal, he trudges through life content to ignore his past


stats: Complety fucking awesome.


Personality:  Smooth, Commanding, Cryptic


Ballentyne goes by his last name, not liking the first name given to him by his dark benefactor.  He travels the world , going from one party to the other.  He wander enjoying the new thrills and adventure that life has to offer.


He doesn't go into his past very much, thinking that the past is the past, and there is no reason to go bellyaching about it.  If people do start whining he usually scowls at them and either forces them to get past it, or picks them up and drags them kicking and screaming.


While not evil, he does see the beauty in suffering, as it is as much as a part of life as is breathing.  He doesn't actively seek the suffering other people, but he will not jump infront of a fireball aimed at a small baby either.  He has been known to do the odd heroic act once in a while.  


When travelling he usually makes glaring remarks about their current situation.  At heart his is optomistic about his future, but outside he is a grumpy old curmudgeon.   While normally cool and reserved he gets very snappy when asked about his wife and daughter.

Corkus Ballentyne

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